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Teaming up Cufflinks with 5 Occasions

We have been on a journey of crafting cufflinks for you. We thought of sharing the top 5 occasions to team up AZGA cufflinks with your look.

1. Wedding

Weddings call for dressing up and we feel our exquisitely crafted cufflinks are a great addition to your cuffs at a wedding ceremony. Find yourself noted with wearing our Myron cufflinks to your best friend's wedding.


2. Corporate Boardroom

A sharp dresser always scores a level up in confidence. AZGA cufflinks bring a sense of suited style as well as carries an ethically made and beautifully finished piece. The Chevron cufflinks for your boardroom meetings.

3. Poker Party

Parties become fun with a pair of our curated cufflinks. Wear our playing card cufflinks to a Poker night.

4. On a Date

Cufflinks speak of a sense of style and personal state. On a brunch or a dinner date, cufflinks portrays a sense of personal state. Choose the elegant ones and accentuate your style statement. Our handpainted Zebra cufflinks are beautifully painted on enamel by local artisans.

5. Graduation

Cufflinks in general are a great graduation gift option. Well, they also add a sense of pride and satisfaction when worn on a graduation ceremony. It marks an achievement and who doesn't wish to celebrate the same in style? The handpainted Lotus cufflinks depict peace, composure and craftsmanship. A great pick for a graduation ceremony.

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