AZGA GARDEN / अज़गा बाग़: Through the eyes of nature

Capturing the delicate beauty of nature our new collection “Garden” embraces varied floral motifs decorated with enamel, to present a unique approach to the theme of the garden.

‘AZGA GARDEN / अज़गा बाग़’ collection; set in cufflinks, brooches, lapel pin, earrings, cuff and hair accessory. It features an explosion of colourful accessories for men and women.

For summer we invite you to our garden party,  with our ‘AZGA GARDEN / अज़गा बाग़’ collection. Each piece is handcrafted in brass by our artisans. Dipped in 22kt gold, and enamelled to bring out it's sheer beauty!

A vintage take on floral art form to create artistic pieces. Our garden / बाग़ collection with fretwork and enamel adds a layer of artistic expression.



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