About Us

The ethos of AZGA is focused on creating impeccably crafted accessories that blend traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Founded by Nikita and Namita, sisters from Jaipur, AZGA seeks to espouse the age-old craftsmanship of local artisans and transform their works of art to wearable pieces. AZGA draws inspiration from bold architectural carvings, rich Indian textiles, the majestic wildlife of the Indian subcontinent, the exquisite flora of the region and clean geometry. While primarily focusing on buttons and cuff links, AZGA accessories also include pocket squares, tie pins, lapel pins and umbrellas. 

The sister duo identified the burgeoning need for high quality buttons and related accessories in the menswear space while working with select clients on bespoke collections in 2011. The business opportunity allowed them to tap into their passion for promoting and preserving the traditional techniques and skills of local artisans leading to the birth of AZGA in 2014. AZGA also curates a range of fun and classic accessories to break the monotony of dressing and to add a layer of style and garner well styled looks for the modern gentleman.