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Product care

At AZGA we value how precious your accessories are to you.

We suggest some simple ways to care for your pieces.

Clean all pieces using a soft cloth to avoid any fingerprints and marks and to maintain the original lustre. All our pieces are plated with gold and secured with a high quality coating to increase the life of the plating. In cities with moist air, we suggest to keep sterling silver pieces in a plastic sealed pouch to avoid tarnishing. The enamel art on our pieces is delicate and brittle. Keep each piece individually to avoid any scratches. 

We recommend any application of perfume or hairspray before wearing the jewellery.

All Silver jewellery needs to be stored in resealable pouch when not in use. Sterling silver tarnishes naturally and any gold plated jewellery loses colour over time. At times, normal wear and tear causes colour to fade out. Proper care for jewellery and avoiding water helps increase the life of a piece. 

AZGA offers a re-plating service for all our products at a minimal charge. If you would like to have your piece cleaned or re-plated please email us on

For any further inquiries on our products, our team is accessible at

We would be happy to support and help.