Our Jewelry Craftsmen

Ours is a story about artisan clusters in Jaipur.
This one’s about the Jewelry craftsmen.
Artisans, craftsmen, artists – they are the backbone of the traditionally working
jewelry businesses in Jaipur, India.
I became a part of their story some 4 years back while starting my own small
label to make handcrafted buttons. But this isn’t my story – it’s theirs and their
story is one to be cherished and revered.
JAIPUR has been a hub for making artistic jewelry, textiles and more. Designers
from afar cities come here to search for artisans to create their collections.
The jewelry craftsmen in JAIPUR mostly came from the state of West Bengal and
have been settled here for generations.

These craftsmen come from far away interior villages in India. They live away from their families back in their villages to make a living. As their skills are highly recognised and valued in cities like Jaipur & Bombay – they travel for to these cities to look for work. Some choose to work on a per piece remuneration whereas a lot of them enrol themselves in big factories on a payroll.  

The smile and dedication is worth a sight, that’s what adds magic to the pieces they make.

Working at AZGA is more like working for our craftsmen, their joy brings us joy. The fulfilment of their dreams does add shine to ours as well.

As we wish to grow multifold at AZGA, its definitely a growth along with our craftsmen. Sustainable and Ethical.


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