VOGUE INDIA - Wear your heart on your sleeve with heart-shaped accessories this Valentine's Day - by Namrata Kedar

Heart it or hate it, heart-shaped accessories are ubiquitous right now. While some revel in its kitsch appeal, others may deem it a tad cheesy. No matter which team you rally for, they have emerged as a popular motif in jewellery and accessories and are impossible to ignore.

Even Carrie Bradshaw couldn’t escape its charm. While Sex and the City saw Bradshaw wearing a chunky red heart pendant swinging on a gold chain repeatedly, And Just Like That marked the motifs’ revival. Bradshaw’s ‘Carrie necklace’ was replaced with the Marlo Laz heart and diamond necklace, while the unmissable Vetements heart necklace in the pilot episode is reminiscent of the iconic Heart of the Ocean blue diamond necklace in Titanic. A nod to nostalgia, the shiny heart pendant in Titanic, along with the heart-shaped ruby necklace gifted by Richard Gere to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, are moments in pop culture that have sealed heart-shaped jewellery’s status as talismans of love.


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