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Cancer Necklace

Sale priceRs. 1,850

Portraying the beautiful 6’s or 9’s crab claws, the Cancer symbol represents
care and loyalty. Showing the beautiful gold metal claws imprinted in our rings and
necklaces with a string of coloured beads, AZGA’s zodiac jewellery elevates each trait of Cancerians. Highlighting the calmness of Cancerians, our zodiac jewellery is serenely designed by our artisans to give you that chic everyday look. Uplifting the liveliness of Cancerians, we bring to you AZGA’s most beloved jewellery collection, which will shine on to your personality’s counterparts. Advancing your perceptive lovingness, we have curated a piece which will bring you all the shine possible.

Material : Brass / 22ct Gold plated

Size: 16" Adjustable at 14" , 15" , 16"

Cancer Necklace
Cancer Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,850