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Le Flore Cuff

Sale priceRs. 3,250

Flowers have always been a 'go to' when we want to express our emotions, nearly every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers.

No matter what the situation is, they always fit, just like our "Le Flore Cuff", no matter what the occasion is, they always fit. Perfect for gifting - not just to others but to yourself. Your favourite flower, with a classic knot, its a 'go to' for every look. Great alone & perfect when worn with out "Le Flore Necklace".

Delicately handcrafted by artisans at AZGA. Le Flore Cuff is crafted in Jaipur by our team of craftsmen.

Each piece is handcrafted and finished with utmost care. Made in Brass, Enamel, all pieces are 22kt gold plated.

Le Flore Cuff
Le Flore Cuff Sale priceRs. 3,250