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Libra Ring

Sale priceRs. 1,550

Librans are charters of peace and harmony like their symbol, the balancing
scale. With a beautifully imprinted scale on our jewellery, Librans are in store for a
seamless piece of jewellery complementing their style. AZGA’s jewellery is a perfect
addition to your vast stores of charm and shine. Our gold metal plated rings inscribed
with the balancing scale and the coloured beads necklaces will elevate your look and
complement your illumination. Our styles aim to make up for your best buys and invest
beautifully in your everyday looks. Statement wear with intricate design is our brand’s
most loved trait. Empower your personality by wearing AZGA’s zodiac-themed jewellery!

Material : Brass / 22ct Gold plated

Size: Adjustable 

Libra Ring
Libra Ring Sale priceRs. 1,550