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Pisces Ring

Sale priceRs. 1,550

This water sign is a beautiful symbol with two fish roped together and
swimming in opposite directions. Just like its symbol, Pisceans are mystical and
romantic. The gold-plated metal rings and necklaces are a perfect addition to elevating
their impressionable personality traits. For the pleasure-seeking Pisces, AZGA’s
jewellery collection is the best kind. Along with their heightened sympathy and emotions, our rings and necklaces add a lot of playfulness to your everyday looks. AZGA’s versatile styling options are just the one for you and your beautiful energies.

With AZGA’s zodiac jewellery collection, add your sign’s personalised trinket to shine and empower everyone around you, just like a typical Pisces!

Delicately designed and curated, this piece of jewellery will elegantly empower you.

Material : Brass / 22ct Gold plated

Size: Adjustable 

Pisces Ring
Pisces Ring Sale priceRs. 1,550