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Scorpio Necklace

Sale priceRs. 1,850

With a beautiful bow and arrow, Sagittarius zodiac-themed jewellery will
complement your joyful and intellectual personality. Our archer rings and coloured
necklaces are a perfect addition to your zealous everyday wear. With AZGA’s detailed
and uniquely crafted jewellery designs, the fire sign Sagittarius is in for an encapsulated version of little pieces of jewellery depicting their sensitive and complementary personalities. With the archer sign inscribed gently on our gold plated metal rings and necklaces, Sagittrarus’ lively personality will uplift the jewellery. Characterised by their freedom and adventurous tendencies, AZGA’s versatile zodiac-themed jewellery collection aims to amp up your everyday looks!

Delicately designed and curated, this piece of jewellery will elegantly empower you.

Material : Brass / 22ct Gold plated

Size: 18" Adjustable at 16" , 17" , 18"

Scorpio Necklace
Scorpio Necklace Sale priceRs. 1,850